Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) Overview

Philadelphia’s primary airport is PHL or Philadelphia International airport. The airport serves millions of passengers each year, making it the 20th busiest in the United States of America.

It is a popular airport that operates around 500 departures daily to over 130 destinations, both international and domestic. 

About 25 airlines operate from Philadelphia International Airport, including the hub air carriers of American Airlines, and UPS Airlines.

Also, if you plan to pass through the largest airport in the state of Pennsylvania, or book flight tickets to Philadelphia, this article will help you.

Read on to for a brief overview of the Philadelphia International Airport terminals and facilities.

Terminals and Services

Philadelphia is a huge airport with a massive terminal that boasts over 120 dining and shopping choices. 

In all, there are seven terminal buildings with six lettered concourses. The total number of boarding gates is 126. Shuttle services are available to transport passengers between terminals.

1. Terminal A

Terminal A is divided into east and west sections. There are 13 boarding gates in the Terminal A West section, whereas the Terminal A East section has 11 gates.

(a) Terminal A West:

Terminal A West features an innovative and state-of-the-art design. It was designed by Kohn Pederson Fox, Kelly/Maiello, and Pierce Goodwin Alexander and Linville. Moreover, this terminal started operation in 2003 as an international terminal.

Airlines that use this terminal include American Airlines, Lufthansa, British Airways, Icelandair, and Qatar Airways. Moreover, there are several international dining options throughout the terminal, excluding the Customs preclearance area.

If you book flights to Philadelphia from India or other international locations, you will arrive at Terminal A. 

(b) Terminal A-East:

This was the international terminal before Terminal A West came into existence. However, most of the gates are well-equipped to handle international arrivals.

Today, this section of terminal A facilitates movement by the airline such as Aer Lingus, American Airlines, and Frontier. This terminal is very well-maintained, as you will observe when you land here. Its baggage claim area underwent a recent upgrade.

 (c) Facilities:

Passengers can chill at any of the three lounges situated between the Terminal A West and Terminal A East.

These are the American Airlines Admirals Club, American Express Centurion Lounge, and British Airways Gallery Lounge. You will also find a children’s play area in the east terminal.

Terminals B and C: 

Both of these terminals are used by American Airlines. Terminal B is equipped with 15 gates, whereas Terminal C has 14. Over two decades ago, these terminals underwent a major makeover.

At the cost of $135 million, DPK&A Architects Ltd. designed the renovation. Terminals B and Care the oldest terminals of the airport. They came into existence in the early 1950s. Moreover, currently, the terminals look modern and well-designed.

(a) Facilities:

Both of the terminals connect to each other by a shopping mall and Philadelphia Marketplace, a food court.

You will also find American Airlines Admirals Club at the B/C connector.

Terminal D

Started in the year 1973, Terminal D has 16 gates. A new concourse was added to the terminal in the year 2008 as part of the expansion and renovation program. This concourse connected the terminal to Terminal E.

Also include combined security, and multiple shops and restaurants for passengers to enjoy during layovers.

The layout of this terminal is opposite to Terminals B and C as the latter consists of separate security facilities and a combined ticketing hall.

Terminal D is also home to airlines such as Air Canada, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and Alaska Airlines.

(a) Facilities:

When you book airline tickets to Philadelphia and explore Terminal D, you will find lounges by airlines such as Delta Air Lines and United Airlines.

Moreover, the terminal connects the shopping area at the B/C connector via a post-security walkway.

Terminal E

Terminal E commenced operations four years after Terminal D, in the year 1977. Many airlines such as Frontier, Southwest, Spirit Airlines, and JetBlue use this terminal. A total of 17 gates facilitate the movement of passengers and aircraft.

There are not many facilities at terminal E. However; there is a USO lounge or United Services Organizations Inc. Lounge. This facility is available for military personnel and their family members.

Terminal F

Terminal F is a regional terminal for American Eagle flights. If you book flight tickets for American Eagle, you will be using this terminal.

However, thanks to the well-organized layout of the Terminal F, you can board the regional flights without walking on the apron. It is possible through special jet bridges.



In the back garden of a London flat, I was already social distancing when a text popped up from a friend saying that the UK and Ireland were being added to this list of European countries with travel restrictions. As news broke of more bans and with airlines canceling an unprecedented number of flights, I knew that waiting around a week until my originally scheduled departure was likely a no-go. Getting stranded abroad indefinitely could soon become a possibility.

Unable to get a flight before the Monday deadline, I secured a seat leaving the day after the ban went into effect. Here’s how my experience played out along with a few tips for other U.S. citizens returning from Europe or other banned regions.

Checking-In and Boarding

Arriving at the ghost town formerly known as Heathrow-Terminal 3, it was visible that Europe’s busiest airport had been blindsided by the response to the coronavirus. As I walked into the Delta/Virgin Atlantic check-in section, a host had asked if I had already done so online. Responding yes, I was pointed towards bag drop. With six stations open and no one in line, I went to the first counter and handed over my passport, and lifted my bag on the scale. I was given my boarding passes and baggage slip, and the whole ordeal took less than 5 minutes.  

It was a similar situation at security, with nearly nobody in several lines. I passed through the screening in 5 minutes.

The airside of the terminal was quiet, but all stores and restaurants remained open, I did notice more passengers spread out on chairs sleeping than any other time I’ve flown through LHR, and later realized why after seeing the string of canceled flights on the departures screen.

Once the gate was announced, I made my way to join a snaking line of passengers to board. Several were wearing face masks and gloves. I tried to properly distance myself from those around me.

At the front of the line, my boarding pass was scanned with no additional questions asked, and I was waved through to board. Walking toward the jetway, an airport employee handed me these two pieces of paper seen below to fill out prior to my arrival in America.


7 Ways to Satisfy the Travel Bug at Home

Learn a New Language

The best way to prepare for international travel at home is to learn a new language. There are countless phone apps or virtual classrooms you can join online to help you learn quickly. Duolingo is a free app you can download that offers personalized learning and will cater lessons to each individuals’ reasons for learning such as career, culture, school, and travel. Other language course apps include Babbel and Busuu.

Of course, it’s always best to actually speak with a native speaker when learning a new language and in the age of technology there are a few apps for that too. Tandem is a language exchange app that virtually connects people around the world who want to learn each other’s language. When signing up, it asks you a series of questions to match you with a native speaker to discuss topics of mutual interest. Other such apps that facilitate language exchange include HelloTalk and Bilingua.

There are also virtual classrooms you can sign up for where you can take a course like you were going to school, only from the comfort of your own home. Berlitz, one of the most established and well-known language schools in the world, offers live instructor-led online courses. Choose from private or group lessons and schedule classes around your availability. Verbling is another great tool to find teachers available for live one-on-one video lessons 24/7. And you can also choose to join group classes that are streamed live. FluentU is a unique school that teaches language through real-world videos such as music videos, movie trailers, and current news.

Cook Food from Around the World

Tasting the local cuisine is one of my favorite things to do while traveling. At home, I often get cravings for pad Thai, tacos al pastor, or jerk chicken, among many other international cuisines. If you live in a major metro area, chances are you can find take out dishes from around the world, but it can be fun to try your hand at cooking international meals from your own kitchen. Curious Cuisiniere is a website dedicated to recipes from around the world. It even has a neat map feature that allows you to choose a country where you can explore local ingredients and recipes.

If you aren’t a master chef just yet, there are online cooking classes you can take from free beginner-level courses all the way to special video courses with celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and Wolfgang Puck. There are so many resources online to help cook your way around the world at home. One of my favorites is, which includes several free cooking videos that make it much easier to understand and there is even a cooking school you can sign up for. The Food Network Kitchen also offers live classes with Food Network stars for those that want to cook like the chefs you see on TV.

If you’re just looking for a cookbook to get your taste buds flowing, there are several available on Amazon. Some of the best sellers include:

  • Andina: The Heart of Peruvian Food
  • Asma’s Indian Kitchen
  • Bangkok: Recipes and Stories from the Heart of Thailand
  • The Immigrant Cookbook: Recipes That Make America Great
  • Cook Like A Local: Flavors That Can Change How You Cook and See the World
  • The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook
  • Made in Mexico
  • Together: Our Community Cookbook
  • The International Cookbook for Kids
  • In Her Kitchen: Stories and Recipes from Grandmas Around the World

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Read a Book That Inspires Travel

If you can’t be poolside with a view of the beach, cozy up with a good book on the couch to inspire your travel daydreams. The library might be closed, but you can shop for some new reading material online. Flip through these books or add them to your e-reader while in quarantine.

  • Wanderlust: A Traveler’s Guide to the Globe
  • The Travel Book: A Journey Through Every Country in the World
  • World Travel: An Irreverent Guide
  • Journeys of a Lifetime: 500 of the World’s Greatest Trips
  • On the Road
  • Travels (Vintage Departures)
  • Everything & Everywhere: A Fact-Filled Adventure for Curious Globe-Trotters

Play a Traveling Game or Build a Puzzle

Sitting at home all day can get old fast so why not pass the time by playing a game or building a puzzle? Kids can learn geography in a fun way by putting together puzzles of world maps and adults can keep their brains ticking with puzzles of their favorite tourist sites or landscapes around the world. Some interesting puzzles include the 1,000-piece Ravensburger Doors of the World or the challenging 18,000-piece Paradise Sunset puzzle.

Card games and board games can also allow you to escape the confines of your home and get you in the travel spirit. The Lost Cities Card Game is for 2 players aged 10 and up where you take research journeys to remote corners of the world such as the Himalayan mountains, Central American rainforest, or the Egyptian desert. There is also a board game version for up to 4 players. Catan is a popular game where players create their own civilization by acquiring and trading resources. And you can’t forget the classic game of Risk, where you can take over the world by conquering your opponent’s territories.

Video games are also big on inspiring travel. There are plenty of post-apocalyptic game series set in cities around the world such as The Assassin’s Creed, Tomb Raider, and Unchartered. If you’re just missing the wonder of flight, you can see what it’s like to be a pilot by trying X-Plane 11 Global Flight Simulator. For those that like to stick closer to the ground, you can be a train conductor around the world with Train Sim World or drive goods (and take tours) throughout Europe with Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Listen to Music from Around the World

You don’t have to travel to hear different musical styles from around the world. Streaming services such as Amazon MusicSpotify and Apple Music have millions of artists you can browse, from the many dances of South America to the spiritual tunes of Southeast Asia. Spotify even has a Top 50 by country feature so you can stay up to date on what is popular around the world.

If you’re missing live music while stuck at home, there are several platforms offering live-streaming concerts that you can attend directly from your home. Bandsintown has launched a LIVE channel on Twitch, which will feature streaming concerts by artists around the world. Other artists are using platforms such as Facebook Live and Instagram Live to broadcast concerts to their followers around the world. For a list of live streams and virtual concerts, check out this list from Billboard.

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Create a Scrapbook of Past Travels

Do you have a bunch of unorganized photos of your travels? Use the time when you are stuck at home to organize your photos and be reminded of all the great trips you’ve taken over the years. Go old school and create a physical scrapbook with all of your printed photos. This PartyKindom Our Adventure Wooden Scrapbook is a great choice to create an easy way to look back at your memories. It’s the perfect size with 80 pages and can hold more than 160 4 x 6 photos. Plus, the cover features a world map that is fitting for a traveler’s scrapbook.

Like most travelers these days, most of your photos are likely to be in a digital format and there are online tools to create digital scrapbooks that present your past trips in a fun and memorable way. Shutterfly allows you to create a digital scrapbook, which you can then print in many different layouts from photo books to calendars and more. Smilebox lets you create slideshows, eCards, and more to celebrate any occasion. Canva takes the daunting task of creating a personalized scrapbook and simplifies everything with easy-to-use templates made by their professional team of designers.

Like most travelers these days, most of your photos are likely to be in a digital format and there are online tools to create digital scrapbooks that present your past trips in a fun and memorable way. Shutterfly allows you to create a digital scrapbook, which you can then print in many different layouts from photo books to calendars and more. Smilebox lets you create slideshows, eCards, and more to celebrate any occasion. Canva takes the daunting task of creating a personalized scrapbook and simplifies everything with easy-to-use templates made by their professional team of designers.



Booking the perfect flight deal involves luck. However, there are other factors that are not as uncertain. As you read on, you will find guidelines that will lead you to the cheapest flight to your preferred destination.

You can apply these insights to book flight tickets with any airline anywhere. All you have to do is to be mindful of the following:

1. Search Airline Tickets in Different Currencies

It is only fair to take advantage of the exchange rate fluctuations. If your country has a strong currency, perform searches in other currencies. You can use this method while booking with a budget airline as well.

What really does the trick is reserving via credit card. However, ensure your credit card doesn’t charge any foreign transaction fee.

For instance, if you are in the USA looking for online cheap tickets to India, search in the Indian currency.

Also, process the booking through the Schwab Bank High Yield Investor Checking account. Since Schwab has no foreign transaction charge.

Similarly, if you are surfing online air ticket booking sites from Canada, using the Halifax Clarity credit card will help you get better deals.

When you pay in local currency for booking airfare online through such cards, it gives you a better exchange rate. That means you will save more by not paying in your own currency.

The bottom line is to search for flights in other currencies and to settle payments using a credit card that doesn’t charge a foreign transaction fees.

2. Expand Savings with Every Flight you Board

You can save airfare as your travel. Enroll yourself in the frequent flyer program of major airlines. Watch out for airlines that have a larger route network.

Most airlines reward passengers based on the number of miles flown. However, some airlines such as Delta give you points for every dollar you spend.

This is the most convenient way to earn free flight tickets. Not only that, but you also get benefits such as flight upgrades, access to lounges, and so on. Also, look for mileage-accruing cards.

To select the best travel credit card, explore what airlines have hubs at your local airport.

Another cue is to select a travel credit card based on which airline operates frequent flights to your preferred destinations.

Next, use these travel cards to make purchases, and start collecting points or miles. Did you know that flying is one of the slowest ways to collect miles?

However, if you do not have a favorite destination or airline, go for cards that reward you points that you can use for travel products and services.

3. There’s Always a Special Deal Around

There are many ways to save big on domestic flights. However, not all of them work when it comes to booking air tickets for international flights. Flight duration and distance directly affect airfare.

But this also means that you can save more on international flights.

Booking the best ticket online requires consistency. You must know the latest aviation market trends. Don’t worry because it is not as difficult as it sounds. Here’s what you can do:

  • Set Price Alerts:

A price alert notifies you upon finding the cheapest airline flight tickets for a particular route. You may receive an email or a push notification in real-time.

This means that you do not have to stick to the internet all the time. You can select from the many price alert tools.

  • Subscribe Newsletters:

Subscribing to Newsletters of various travel agencies will keep you updated with the best deals around. There is no cheapest flight ticket booking website.

Therefore, you have to keep your options open. Subscribe to leading flight booking portals like Travelocity, kayak, Skyscanner, etc. You may also check out another great site, especially if you want to travel from the USA.

4. Follow Airlines on Social Media:

This is a great idea. Airlines want maximum business exposure, and there is nothing better than social media to tap into newer markets.

Therefore, airlines post attractive offers and deals on social media.



These days you can find most of the people taking advantage of the lowest prices and high-quality products available in the US. Most of the time, you will find that these products are being imported from the USA.

The list of such items to be imported is endless. Some of the items are mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and other digital machines lying in the same category.

For this you not only require cheap flight tickets to India from the USAbut you will have to follow certain rules for their easy transport.

Special attention is paid towards the import of such electronic devices. Also, it is made sure that proper instructions are followed during their transport.

Moreover, various changes have been made to the shipping and customs rules linked with Electronic on cheap tickets to India.

You will have to follow a complete procedure that includes filling of multiple forms custom duty payments etc.

However, rules vary from products to products, but certain common rules required for the shipping for electronics are mentioned below:

1. Staying in the limit of Duty-Free

If you are a resident of India and coming from a country other than Bhutan, Myanmar, or China, you have a free duty free allowance of up to Rs. 45,000 for a stay that is more than three days.

In case you have a stay for less than three days, the duty-free limit is Rs. 17,500. However, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry Department of Commerce made changes in 2016 regarding the dimensions of import on air tickets to India from the USA. 

Items that have the value of greater than Rs. 50,000 are excluded from the rules of the application.

2. Declaration

If you are carrying any electronic item on your flight tickets USA to Indiayou should declare the same to the customs before the start of your journey.

All this is to be mentioned under the form title ‘Declaration.’ Also, passengers have to pay the applicable customs duty applicable under the law. In the declaration, one must mention the estimated market price for the item.

Moreover, complete information regarding the same, including the description and feature should be mentioned.

Also, you should note that if you have made any false detail regarding the disclosure on airline flight ticketsthe same can be confiscated by the custom.

3. Packing of the Product

Before exporting the goods on cheap air tickets to Indiayou should make sure that it is safely packed. Also, it lays the responsibility of the passengers that the product is not damaged in the process of shipping.

It is suggested that the packing should be done in Styrofoam or bubble wraps. Moreover, it has been observed that the officials in the USA to Mumbai flight reject the items that are not packed properly.

However, you must make sure that the items shall not possess any damage or hazard to other items. This might lead to additional charges in case of loss or damage.

4. Check for the Prohibited and Restricted Items

Every country has its own rules for restricted and prohibited items when you book flights and tickets. You should note the same beforehand and know about the electronic good you are planning to import.

However, you will rarely find any items in the category of electronics that are prohibited.

Note that Import policy for electronic and IT goods restrict the import of Air Conditioners, Desktop Computers, refurbished spares Personal Computers, laptops, Diesel generating sets, and these can be carried only after prior permission on booking air tickets to India. 

So one must state the product to be imported should be disclosed for the custom. However, passengers are not allowed to carry batteries and power banks, especially lithium on their cheap air tickets in India.

5. Documentation for Carrying Electronic Items 

While you are traveling to India with the electronic items, you should also include a proper invoice from the seller and the proof of the payment.

Also, in case you are traveling with the restricted item, you must contain a Non-Objection certificate provided by the law.

Moreover, if you are availing of the transfer of residence benefit, you must carry along with you an Indian passportAlso, you should carry proof of stay in the USA.

In case the product that you are shipping on international flights from India to the USA is found to be suspicious, officials might also ask you to produce the address proof.

Also, instruments like the hearing aid or life-saving electronic appliances can be carried for free. All you need to do is produce the necessary documents for its smooth exporting.

6. Staying in the Importing Limit

A person sending the goods can send two electronic products to the maximum in one day. Moreover, the maximum value of the entire consignment must not exceed $1500 on your air ticket booking.

However, the officials change the limit from time to time.

7. Calculating the Custom fee

You must be already prepared with the custom duty charges to avoid any last-minute hassle and the chances of getting cheated.

The documents with the customer should include the details about the items that you are exporting on flights to India and its complete worth. Such information is used by the officials to calculate the taxes and the duty.

Such a custom fee is not by the courier, but the officials are receiving the shipment. However, the prices to be paid depend on various factors like a reason for export, type of the product, and its net value. Also, the bill is paid by the person who receives the parcel.

Knowing about the rules and the procedure for the exporting of electronic products on flights to India is necessary. The instructions mentioned above should be carefully followed for a better travel experience.


Spring Break Vacation Ideas

Time to start booking a spring break trip. Or mini-vacation. Or weekend getaway. Why? Because this is a great time to find cheap flights and this list of spring break vacation ideas will get you started.

Spring Break Vacation Ideas

As always, there are tons of fun destinations around the world but these are our picks based on staff recommendations as well as friends and family. Remember, before you ding your credit card, be sure to compare airfare first. Then, find a hotel deal.

Exotic Destinations

Spring break is a great time to get out of your rut and try something new. Popular exotic destinations include Marrakech, Morocco; Bali, Indonesia; and Phuket, Thailand. Imagine riding a camel in the desert near  Marrakech, watching a fire dance in Bali or just lazing on a beautiful beach like the ones in Phuket.

Search All Vacation Destination Deals


The classic spring break destination. Everyone loves sun, sand, and surf and luckily there are beautiful beaches all over the world. Head to Miami to enjoy some Florida sunshine along with the South Beach club scene. Or check out the West Coast for a relaxing time at Coronado Beach near San Diego. For an island experience, consider Ibiza off the coast of Spain or Naxos, Greece; both offer plenty of fun activities like snorkeling and boating plus lovely scenery and excellent seafood.

Search All Vacation Destination Deals

Big Cities

Some big cities have it all: Unusual museums, an amazing array of restaurants, theater and nightlife as well world-class attractions like the Statue of Liberty or the Eiffel Tower. Popular cities for spring break travelers include Los Angeles, New York City, ParisLondon and Rome. Each one is different, each one is exciting, each one is an absolute must-see.


Airlines Waive Change Fees Amid Coronavirus Travel Fears

Cost of Change Fees

Some of us who would ordinarily be planning a trip and buying tickets right now are holding off, waiting for the latest news and statistics on coronavirus or COVID-19. Find updated health information at the Centers for Disease Control as well as tips and advice specifically targeting travelers. If your travel plans include international destinations, check with Travel.State.Gov which has excellent country-by-country information.

Airlines are well aware that many won’t fly during this pandemic, so they are trying to ease coronavirus travel fears about future flights by waiving change fees (which can cost from $75 to $200 per ticket). In other words, book now, then change your mind about flying later if you want, without paying a penalty. As for full refunds, some are allowing this but information keeps changing; click the airlines names below to see the very latest guidelines.

U.S. Airline Fee Waivers

We update these pages as soon as we become aware of new information.


  • Change fees will be waived for tickets purchased through March 31 for travel through February 2021.


  • UPDATED 3-15-2020:Change fees will be waived for tickets purchased for tickets purchase through March 31 for travel through January 2021. Check here for changes to European destinations.


  • Change fees will be waived on international AND domestic travel (to any destination Delta serves) for tickets issued March 1-31 for travel through February 2021. Rebooked travel must begin Feb. 28, 2021 at the latest. UPDATE3-13-2020: “If your travel dates begin on or after May 1, 2020 but does not qualify for any of the waivers above, please continue to check back for updates. We are continuing to evaluate the situation.”


  • NEW: For tickets issued before March 10 for travel between March 10 and April 30, 2020 – customers may make a one-time change without a change/cancel fee by contacting us at 801-401-9000. For tickets issued March 10 through March 31, customers may make a one-time change without a change/cancel fee by contacting us at 801-401-9000


  • Change fees waived for flights booked March 1-31 for any Hawaiian flight; changes/cancellations must be made within 24 hours of take-off.


  • Change fees will be waived for tickets purchased through March 31, for travel through Sept. 8, 2020.


  • This airline isn’t waiving change fees because it doesn’t charge any. If you want to change or cancel a flight, simply let Southwest know at least ten minutes before take-off. Cost to you: $0.


  • You can make a one-time free modification (fare difference applies) by contacting Spirit by calling (801) 401-2222; by texting 48763; or by texting via WhatsApp to (801) 401-2222 with “Hello”. Or you can receive a reservation credit for the full value of their reservation. This reservation credit can be used for up to 6 months to book any flight currently available (including beyond the 6-month timeframe). You can also request a refund of travel insurance from Travel Guard, if eligible, here.


  • Book a flight anywhere United flies by March 31 and you can change it to different travel dates over the next 12 months, for free.

International Airline Fee Waivers

Watch for updates.

Aer Lingus

  • According to the Irish carrier’s website, “We won’t charge a change fee on any flights booked with us from today onwards. If there is a fare difference, it will apply.”


  • The airline has several different fee waiver options, depending on where you fly. Details here.

Air Canada

  • Fee waivers vary by date and destination. Details here.

Air France

  • From the Air France website – “For all bookings made before 31 March 2020, we offer you the possibility of postponing your departure date until 31 May 2020, free of charge. If your ticket is already booked, you can postpone your departure at no charge until May 31, 2020.”

British Airways

  • No change fees on bookings made through May 16.


  • NEW:From the website – “If you have a KLM ticket starting with 074, issued on or before Tuesday 31 March 2020, and valid for travel between Wednesday 4 March 2020 and Sunday 31 May 2020, regardless of the destination, you can postpone your trip at no extra cost. Your new departure date should be no later than Sunday 31 May 2020.


  • No change fees to cancel or change flights booked through April 30, and this travel can be rebooked through Dec. 31.


  • NEW:From its website – “We are currently waiving the change fee for the following bookings for travel up to and including 30 November 2020”,


  • NEW:From its website – “We offer a one-time fee-free change to new international flight bookings made between March 10 – 31 March 2020, for travel before 30 June 2020, subject to availability. If the value of your rebooked flight is greater than that of your original booking, you’ll need to cover the fare difference. Changes must be made at least 3 days before travel, and travel must commence on or before 30 June 2020.”

Virgin Atlantic

  • No fees to change flights booked by March 31; can be rebooked through Sept. 30.

Worried about Canceling Travel Plans amidst COVID-19?

Flight cancelations are rising. Travelers are questioning their decision to catch flights because of the COVID-19 or the Coronavirus outbreak. However, most of the holidaymakers are taking this decision merely out of panic.

It is wise to cancel non-essential travel plans to China and other level-3 CDC-classified countries such as Iran, Italy, etc.

But canceling travel between the US and India, for instance, or Kenya to Myanmar doesn’t make sense. In the midst of a health emergency, it is vital to not lose composure.

Airlines are working closely with Government and International Health authorities to make sure passengers remain safe and unaffected.

CDC Travel Notice

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is a leading national public health institute (NHPI). It is a governmental agency based in Atlanta, USA that aims to prolong the life of humankind.

CDC is filtering countries into categories known as travel notices. The three levels of travel notice are based on the potential health risks associated with COVID-19 or Coronavirus.

1. Watch Level 1:

CDC doesn’t recommend canceling flight booking if you are traveling to countries classified as Level 1. There is no need to panic. Just observe some general precautions such as:

  • Maintain distance from sick and unhealthy population
  • Don’t touch your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands
  • Observe rigorous hand hygiene. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds multiple times a day.
  • Carry a sanitizer with alcohol content from 60-95%. However, if your hands are visibly dirty, use soap and water.
  • Also, clean your hands after using the bathroom.
  • Wash your hands before eating.
  • Wash hands after sneezing, coughing, blowing your nose, etc.

2. Alert Level 2:

Countries under this classification may pose some risks to people with chronic conditions, otherwise, if you practice the aforementioned precautions you are good to go.

However, according to the CDC, consider postponing nonessential travel

3. Warning Level 3:

Avoid traveling to countries under this classification. This includes China, Iran, Italy, South Korea, and most of Europe. Cancel all non-essential travel plans to such countries.

On the other hand, if you were to go on a vacation, you might consider other destinations. So, get an India air ticket instead of Italy.

What about Layovers?

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends the same measures for layovers as destinations.

However, if the travel plan is unavoidable and there is a layover in a country with a Level 3 travel notice, don’t leave the airport.

So, make air flight ticket booking without a layover in Italy, Iran and other affected areas.

1. Better to Fly than Float

Aircraft is significantly safer than cruises. This means that airline booking is safe, and cruise liners, not so much.

There is a difference in the way the air circulates within an aircraft and a ship. Moreover, aircraft fleet of major airlines around the world have HEPA.

This High-Efficiency Particulate Air filtration system filters over 99 % of airborne particles.

Germs and viruses cannot spread easily within an aircraft. Therefore, flying is definitely better than cruising this time of the year.

Read on to find another reason why it is better to fly than float:

CDC works with Health Departments

As guided by the federal regulations, pilots must notify CDC about ill passengers. CDC works with health departments of the locality, state, or other nations upon suspecting a passenger of an infection.

The contact information of affected passengers is passed on to the local, and state health departments.

The details are also shared with the health ministry of the country to which the passenger belongs.

Airlines are working closely with federal agencies to find exposed passengers so that it is not an inconvenience to other fliers.

Presidential Proclamation on Returning to the USA

Lawful citizens of the United States of America, or a permanent resident, and their family members are permitted to enter the USA, even if they have been in China in the past two weeks.

However, there is a procedure. Under which, such travelers are routed to one of the 11 US airports where they shall be screened.

So, Should I Cancel My Travel Plans?

There are multiple answers to this. Generally, it depends on the nature of travel.

Abandoning plans to unaffected areas is futile. There’s no use canceling the US to India tickets. On the other hand, postpone non-essential travel at once to China, Italy and other high-risk areas.

Lastly, Airlines and Governmental authorities are doing their part to ensure safe travel. Just remember the simple precautions as listed in the article and you are safe to trot the globe.


Merits and Demerits of Online Flight Check-in on Flights to India

When you have booked flights to India from the USA at the eleventh hour, standing in a long queue for check-in is not an option anymore.

Neither the passengers these days have enough patience, nor the process is convenient enough to save time.

Booking airline tickets is the major step for making your travel abroad after getting your international VISA.

But as everything is getting a digital, online booking for flights to India from the USA has reduced half of the stress linked with traveling.

Moreover, with online check-in available at selected airports, advance check-in is possible for a less hectic start of the journey.

However, online check-in applies restriction on a certain group of travelers, but if you are on a business tour or a family vacation, saving time and energy from the start of your journey will be a perfect kick-start.

We have definitely heard of the benefits of the online check-in like the selection of preferable seat arrangements;

let us get in-depth of the same for better understanding:

What do you understand from Web Check-in?

Every major airline that serves international flights to India allows the passengers to avail of the online check-in feature. One can easily check-in in advance up to 24 hours before the actual departure of the flight.

All you need to do is to give your name and the ticket confirmation number to proceed with the online check-in with the respective airlines.

Moreover, airlines allow frequent travelers to check-in with various frequent flyers programs and even credit card deals.

1. Points to Consider

However, every airline has different policies linked with online check-in, but they still offer the choice of the seat to all the passengers.

Moreover, when you are traveling on flights to India from the USA or any domestic location, you will be asked with certain security questions at the time of checking-in.

Also, the boarding passes will be made available to the passengers as soon as the check-in process is complete.

All you need to do is produce the same in print or in soft copy at the boarding area, and you are free to board.

The requirement for Web Check-in

The passengers who wish to continue with the online check-in have to keep the following things handy. These include:

  • Flight itinerary
  • Email ID
  • Booking ID

Also, if the airline ticket booking is not confirmed, your first step will include the confirmation of the same before check-in.

Merits of Online Check-in

As more and more people are choosing online check-in rather than the manual one, let us know the benefits linked with the same:

1. Beneficial for the Airline

Airlines can save a huge amount due to online check-in by passengers. It saves the energy of the person deputed for the flight and also the money spent on the paper printing of passes.

2. Time Saver

As the process prevents the passengers from standing in long queues for check-in, one need not wait for long in order to buy flight tickets to Mumbai and any other destination.

Also, one can make a wise survey of the cheap airfares and make the bookings accordingly.

3. Skipping the Check-in Counters

If you are carrying no check-in baggage, you can easily skip the check-in counter. This saves a lot of time as you go straight to the security check and then through the gate to the plane.

4. Get your Favorite Seat

With the availability of online check-in options, choosing a favorable seat has been made easy. Also, you can choose the seating to the earliest.


South America on Sale from $166+ Roundtrip

If you crave some Latin culture for your next vacation, these huge price drops on flights to South America are something you should jump on right away. Flights to Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Brazil, and Argentina are incredibly cheap from several cities across the U.S. We rarely see prices drop this low — especially to Chile where flights are as low as $386 roundtrip. Flights to Colombia and other countries are even cheaper, starting from just $166 roundtrip.

The biggest price drops we’re seeing today are on Avianca and Copa Airlines. Unfortunately, these price drops appear to be in line with Avianca introducing its “Travel Promo” fare, which only includes carry-on bags. Copa still includes at least one checked bag in all fares. JetBlue seems to be responding to these price drops by lowering fares to certain cities in South America.

Other airlines such as American, Aerolineas Argentinas, Delta, and LATAM also have some great fares, but make sure to read the fine print when booking to understand what is included as Basic Economy is creeping its way into South America.

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Travel Availability

  • Travel Period: Varies by route. Mostly spring and fall travel. Some routes have availability year-round.
  • Travel Days of the Week: Varies by route.
  • Blackout Dates: Peak summer travel and Holiday travel in late December and early January. Certain routes may have more blackout periods.

Since availability varies quite a bit depending on the route, make sure to click on the fare details below for more booking info on each route.

Sale Period

This sale is unadvertised, and fares may jump at any moment. Secure your low fare by booking now and taking advantage of a 24-hour risk-free cancellation policy to think about your plans.